Business Leaders Back Campaign for Visa Extension for Indians

Demand Cheaper Two Year UK Visa by UK and Campaign for Visa Extension for Indian

More than fifty Indian and UK business leaders have backed a recent campaign for visa extension to extend the current visitor visa for Indian nationals. The UK has a pilot visa scheme for Chinese nationals whereby a two-year visa, which provides for multiple visits, costs £87. At the moment a £87 visa for Indian nationals only lasts for 6 months, with a two-year visa costing £330.

During the last ten years, the money of tourists into the UK from India has even halved which is in spite of the incontrovertible fact the Indian market has grown by 10% each year. This amounts to some 800,000 visitors annually, which would create UK jobs and boost the British economy by around half a billion dollars.

A recent report by the Royal Commonwealth Society learned that many business leaders from aviation, industry, and tourism groups were advocating for Indian’s to check out same cheap two-year campaign for visa extension as Chinese nationals. As 2017 has been designated as the UK-India Year of Culture, this would be a sensible move for promoting links between two nations.

At the moment France is one of the most popular European country for Indian visitors, with around 500,000 visitors a 365 days. If the two-year campaign for visa extension pricing was better to Indians the actual UK could again to its previous status as a most visited kingdom.

India and the united kingdom have previously had very strong ties, and there is a large number of Indian immigrants living within the UK, so it has long been a popular destination for people visiting family unit as well as to business purposes.

With the world watching the UK after the Brexit vote, it is now more important previously that Britain promotes strong links as well as other countries and shows India that salvaging indeed open for business.

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