Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Unfinished Wooden Furniture Raleigh Nc Ncsu Baseball Roster?

desain interior rumah minimalis type 54Decor That Mixes Something Old With Something New If you love the appearance of antiques but have your house decorated inside a newer style, you may wish you could find a means to make old and new pieces work beautifully together. Or, you could want to add a few contemporary artwork for a traditionally styled living room. Either way, it’s certainly possible to combine various varieties of decor together, even though they are from different centuries.

The secret is to locate solutions to increase the risk for pieces work together in a very harmonious fashion, to ensure that old complements new and new highlights old. If you’d like to put in a slightly eclectic touch to your decorating scheme by mixing old and new pieces together, here what are the interior paint colors for 2016 ( ( a few decorating tips you can use as inspiration. Blending the Old and also the New When mixing old and new together, try to find ways to create interesting color, shape and size combinations.

For example, if you love the look of a normal old-world style wrought iron bed, test contrasting the solid look with the bed with soft, silky, contemporary drapes and window treatments space? The beautiful look in the black wrought iron may also have a very little bit of contemporary appeal when contrasted against stark white walls or the simple, clean colors and patterns of the latest decor. Conversely, a sleek and modern light fixture or even an abstract art work could supply a refreshing contrast when associated with traditionally styled furnishings.

Create a Theme Blending old and new pieces together to produce a total theme is also a great way to create visual harmony in the room. For example, you could want to generate a garden room theme to your indoor patio. Traditional floral prints will appear new when followed by bright contemporary colors such as melon and sage green. Or, offer a vintage list of wicker furniture new life giving it a new coat of paint.

In your home, you might build a fun retro look that combines vintage diner decor with modern metal paintings. Or, put in a amount of charm for your contemporary chef’s kitchen by pairing sleek stainless steel with all the appeal of a vintage baker’s rack. Although the styles could be quite different, they’ll both communicate nicely to create the appearance of an expert chef’s kitchen. Use Color to Tie Old and New Together Color may be another tool you can use combine old and new together.

For example, if your contemporary styled family area features primarily cool gray, blue and black, seek out vintage pieces which will merge while still providing a amount of a contrast. For example, and old blue speckled enamelware pot could look great displayed next to the fireplace, so long as the blue shade blends harmoniously. Or accentuate your sleek and modern dinner table with an antique pair of white china. When blending vintage pieces in to a contemporary-styled room, avoid fussy prints and patterns.

Instead, seek out pieces which include solid colors as well as simple patterns.

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